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Underground Club


Here at ASA, we’re all about the future! We understand and recognise the value of creating a supportive community that helps fresh students get the most out of their university experience and more. Our next step at ASA is building an organisation that fosters skill building, valuable experiences and long-lasting connections.



ASA’s first step in this initiative is helping high school students transition into university. We understand the nerve-wracking yet exciting experience it is to begin that university journey whether it’s doing well in class, making friends or obtaining as many great opportunities as you can.

As part of this program, we are looking to help all students transition to university by joining us here at ASA. Here you’ll find an amazing community, where you can find new friends, mentors and get the most out of your university experience. You’ll earn personalised advice from senior university members, develop personal skills and have the opportunity to play a bigger role here at ASA. It’s an amazing opportunity to work with other ambitious people, develop skills and perhaps even become an executive at ASA. The journey starts with you!


ASA’s future forward thinking has led us to our up-skilling program. In this program we aim to up-skill our subcommittee members to prepare them for real world opportunities and allow them to be the best version of themselves.

We aim on running workshops that provide practical valuable advice and information that’ll help members excel in university, jobs and extra-curricular activities. Learn amazing real-world skills including: interview preparation, resume building, public speaking, professional behaviour and much more! The most amazing part is that it’s catered towards you! These workshops are designed to suit your needs and build the skills you want to build.

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